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All at once everything is different, now that I see you

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today my professor told me
every cell in our entire body
is destroyed and replaced
every seven years.

how comforting it is to know
one day i will have a body
you will have never touched.

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“I had a moment when I first got on supernatural when I was like, “Oh my god, people are paying attention to me, I have fans, maybe I should cultivate an image and try to seem really cool.” I had this moment of being commercially self conscious and it took maybe a month for me to realize no, this is not who I fucking am, and here’s a picture of me in drag. Which is, by the way, so much more liberating and relaxing. There’s not a more sure fire way to give a stifled, boring, empty, vapid, meaningless interview than trying to say the right thing…”

-Misha Collins

reasons why this man is my hero

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Whatcha’ thinkin’ bout?

"You getting over here"

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I would suck a dick to be able to teleport

I would suck a dick even if nothing happens

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I think that if I could fall asleep next to you every night, I’d never really be sad again.



Holy shit my Aunt is WASTED

I think your aunt just won life

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